Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Business Venture

Now that it's been made known to my current employer and my family and friends, I have some very exciting news to share! After a bunch of research and much discussion, my husband and I have decided I will be a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) once our baby arrives. Unless baby decides to come early, my last day of employment will be June 29th. I am so very excited for this opportunity to be able to stay at home with our babies.

Prior to making this decision, I had made the leap into being a consultant for Usborne Books & More (UBAM). At the point of me becoming a consultant, my husband and I had been vaguely discussing one of us staying home. We had talked it over to the point where we knew, if it happened, it would be me. I have always wanted to supplement our income, but have not found a direct sales or private owner business which I thought I could maintain or make sales. One of my blogging friends is a consultant for UBAM and I began asking her questions. I was immediately sold and decided to sign up within a week later.

So, what is UBAM? We are award winning books that are creative, educational, adventurous, interactive, and fun for any age from birth to adult. Kids want to read the books because they have bright and brilliantly illustrated stories. UBAM promotes literacy in children and we have so many great books! I cannot wait to expand my little one's library!

I am having a Mystery Hostess party tonight on Facebook at 8:00 PM CDT. Right now my turn out isn't great, but I'll hopefully get some sales and get to give away some free books. I'm reaching the end of my incentive period and want to give away DOUBLE FREE books to one person. You may be wondering, "What is a mystery hostess party?" or "How does one work?" As those in the Facebook event participate in the party, they will have the opportunity to collect points. As purchases are made throughout the party, the hostess rewards will begin to grow higher and higher. At the end of the party, I will organize all the points in a spreadsheet and use to choose the winners. The grand prize winner gets to be the "hostess" of the party which means she will receive all the DOUBLE FREE and HALF PRICE book rewards! The more people participate, the higher their chances of winning. There will be three other prizes, on top of the main hostess prize, given away as well.

So, yeah... Right now I haven't been putting too much effort into my UBAM business. My goal has been to have two parties a month (which honestly isn't much), but I am working full-time, going to school part-time, in the middle of a kitchen remodel, and making a tiny human. Once I am done working, I will put more effort into this business as it will be the extra income we need for entertainment and traveling purposes.

If you would like to know more about about my business, please click the little envelope icon in my right sidebar and send me an email!

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