Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hey, It's Okay

Hey, it's okay...

... to be counting down the days until my last day of work. As of today, I only have about 8 days left of work... that is if I take my currently scheduled vacation days off and do not take any other days off. I am so excited!

... to have come up with a list of about 50 blog topics to write about. Obviously I need some help as my entries haven't been as frequent as I would like them to be!

... to be so glad my baby shower is this weekend. I'm looking forward to a day of celebrating my little one. Now if only he will cooperate and not beat me up all day. We shall see.

... to be very happy about the fundraiser I'll be launching very soon for my passion project.

... to be addicted to watching a kitty cam with foster kittens in the northwest. They are so cute and I would totally adopt them all if I wasn't so far away from them!


  1. Oh goodness, a kitty cam! I'd adopt them all too. I love kitties.
    Best of luck with the fundraiser.

  2. I hope you had an amazing baby shower!

    Aw, I'll have to check out the kitty cam. I love cats!