Thursday, September 13, 2018

Wellness Wednesday #3 (a day late)

This past week was terrible in terms of my wellness challenge. My grandma went into the hospital on Labor Day weekend. Towards the end of the weekend, things seemed to be getting better. However, on Tuesday, things went downhill. She wound up with sepsis and her kidneys started to fail her. They intubated her and transferred her to a larger hospital. From there, things went downhill quickly and she passed away last Friday afternoon.

While she was in the hospital, we babysat my niece several nights in a row. She stayed with us on Saturday night. Sunday was spent preparing for my grandmother's funeral. Monday, my husband was off work due to bereavement leave, and we worked on getting our house in some sort of order - something which hadn't been done since the baby was born eight weeks prior. Tuesday was her funeral and a family dinner. Yesterday was spent in mourning - something I will be writing about tomorrow.

Needless to say, with all of this going on, taking care of myself and eating healthy were not on my radar. The scale showed it when I weighed myself yesterday morning. However, I'm guessing most of my weight from yesterday morning was water weight. When I stepped on the scale Tuesday morning (to get a preview of what I might see on Wednesday), my weight was right around what it was the previous week. I definitely saw 215 on the scale, but I don't remember what the decimal part was...

Anyway, here is my week three weigh in:

So, officially, I am up 2.2 pounds from last week which makes me slightly disappointed. Again though, I don't think I really gained almost two pounds in one day so I'm trying to take that lightly and get back onto eating healthy this week. Here is a list of my current weigh ins:

Weigh In Date Weight Change Total Change
August 28, 2018
Wellness Starting
± 0.0
September 5, 2018
- 1.8
- 1.8
September 12, 2018
+ 0.4

Neither of my goals last week happened. I didn't get around to doing what I would consider a good deed for anyone. I had high hopes a moment would come up, but nothing happened so I'm hoping in the next week I can do a good deed for someone. I also did not log my food every day. I did not eat at home often which makes it difficult to log. I do hope to continue this as the wellness challenge continues.

Week Three: 

  • Mental/Emotional: Make leisure time a priority. Take one day this week and make it be all about you. Do your favorite things. Read a book. Take a bath. Limit your duties and try your best to relax. 
  • Physical/Nutritional: Try a new healthy recipe. Find a new recipe online, in a cookbook, or from a friend. Make it. Did your family like it? Would you make it again? Could you alter it to make it even better or healthier?

I think leisure time is very important, but it may be difficult with an eight week old at home. I will definitely see what I can do and enjoy each day as it comes. I have been watching a marathon of Queer Eye on Netflix this morning while the baby sleeps. I haven't marathoned  a new show in a while and it has been very enjoyable.

I'm unsure if I'll be able to try a new recipe this week. We already did our grocery shopping and we didn't get anything to make anything new. I did make a new recipe a couple of weeks ago which my husband and I loved. We will definitely be making it again. It is called Slow Cooker Caribbean Pork and is amazing and easy! It's a recipe where once you buy everything the first time, it will be a lot more budget friendly from there on out. It is also healthy!

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