Monday, October 8, 2018

Hey, It's Okay!

Hey, it's okay...

... to be moving my Hey, It's Okay entries to Mondays in the future. It's just going to work out better for the potential flow of my blog and what I have planned.

... to have taken an unexpected trip to Michigan a couple of weekends ago so my son could meet his great-grandma. My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago and I regret she never got to meet my baby. My husband's grandma is the last grandparent either of us have so we wanted our son to meet her. She's in her mid-90s so anything could happen at any time.

... to be happy our niece is here today. She's eight and out of school for Columbus Day so I'm watching her. The baby is currently napping, but weather permitting, we may walk down to the park later so my niece can play.

... to be excited we will have our niece (the only cousin our son has on my side of the family) next weekend too. We're going to a birthday party for a niece on my husband's side of the family. My niece gets along so well with my husband's nieces so it will be great! My husband's brother's family has yet to meet our baby. He'll be just three days shy of three months old when we go to the party so I'm happy they will be able to meet him!

... to want to wish my mother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. Growing up, I was always a daddy's girl. When I became a teenager, my mom and I butted heads a lot. Now that I'm older, I consider her one of my best friends! It's crazy how that happens. She is the best mom and grandma and does so much for us.