Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hey, It's Okay

Hey, it's okay...

... for life to have, once again, gotten in the way of blogging. Now that my son is getting older, I will have a greater chance of being able to blog regularly. We shall see, I suppose!

... to be done with Christmas shopping already. We're waiting on several gifts to come in the mail yet, but I'm pretty sure we're done! We may have one small gift/thing to do for a group of friends we game with, but other than that, we're done!

... for my husband and I to decide our gifts for each other will be a "mommy day" and a "daddy day". This will be one day while my husband is on winter break (December 22nd through January 2nd) where we can each do whatever we want while the other will take sole care of our son. It will be nice to have a day to do whatever. It will stink a little bit on my part as I will still have to break from my "mommy day" to pump.

... to have decided to take up crocheting. I really love doing crafty things. I know how to piece quilts, but that makes such a big mess. I wanted something with less of a mess so I did a little research. My aunt, a family friend, and one of my good friends all crotchet. It seems like something I would really like to do. I put a beginner's kit of yarn skeins (basically just a bunch of colors) and a set of aluminum hooks on my Amazon wish list for Christmas. The entire thing would be about $20. If no one buys them for me, I may buy them for myself. I watched a couple of beginner's videos on YouTube and it looks easy.

... to feel a little anxious about all of the stuff we have planned between now and the end of the year. We don't have a weekend free until after Christmas. It will be good to see family though! I do enjoy seeing people.

... to have thoroughly enjoyed hosting our gaming group at our house this past Sunday. Our normal hosts were unable to welcome us into their home because of illness. We didn't want to miss a chance to game (we play Pathfinder) since we usually miss several sessions due to the holidays coming up and possible bad weather so we offered to host. It was a fun session and we were able to play a little longer than usual since we were able to put the baby in bed when he got tired and we didn't have a 45 minute drive home.

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