Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Hey, It's Okay

Hey, it's okay...

... to have planned to read 75 books this year. Last year, I read 67 books. I figure I can read a few more this year! If you're on goodreads, feel free to add me! I vowed to follow the reading plan below this year. I have no problems reading more than twelve books in a year, but I like the idea behind this plan. I hope I can follow through with it!

... to have lost my blogging mojo when my husband was home for winter break this year. It's hard for me to sit down and write a blog when I can be spending time with him instead. I'm writing this entry while my kid naps next to me.

... to be thankful for baby naps. My son has started not sleeping as much during the day. I'm lucky I still get two short and one long nap throughout the day from him still.

... to be going to my first MOPS meeting this week. I've been trying to go since my son was born over the summer, but haven't been able to make myself go. My anxiety makes it weird to go to places I've never been alone. I reached out to one of the ladies who is managing the group on Facebook and she has volunteered to help get me there this month. She has a friend who is willing to come to my house so I can follow her in. I told her I don't know if that's necessary, but just a map of the huge church where the meeting is held would probably be helpful. I'm excited to meet some more stay-at-home moms in my area!

... to have finally bought a Nintendo Classic. I wanted one when they first came out, but then the price jumped super high due to demand. I put it on the back burner for a few years and saw someone post a knock-off on Facebook marketplace last week. I brought it up to my husband and we searched. I was pleased to find them in stock at several retailers at a good price. My husband and I decided to split the cost as a Christmas present to ourselves. It was delivered today. I have it mostly set up, but am unable to plug in the HDMI cable on the back of our TV because it's mounted and too heavy for me to get off the wall. I can't wait for my husband to get home and finish setting it up!!!

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  1. We bought a Nintendo Classic too! I gave it to my son though. He's been having a blast with it. Good luck with reading. I just finished One Day In December and it was pretty good.