Thursday, January 3, 2019

January Currents

Nothing like posting my second currents late. Haha! New Year's Day, my husband and I relaxed and didn't touch the computer at all. Since then, I've been dealing with a busy, happy, attention-seeking infant so... there's that.
  1. Current book.
    I am reading a book series called Their Vampire Queen by Joely Sue Burkhart. It's free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I saw it as a sponsored post in my Facebook timeline. The series would be vampire erotica, pretty much. While I'm not a huge fan of erotica, I am enjoying the story lines in the books. I'm currently on the third one. I basically skim or skip over the numerous kinky sex scenes as I don't like reading about a girl having orgies with a bunch of men every dozen pages or so, but I am enjoying the books overall. They're a nice easy read which I need right now.
  2. Current music.
    I really haven't been listening to a lot of music lately. Right now, I'm hearing the silly songs on my son's playmat. When I listen to music, I usually stream Pandora onto the TV in the living room. I listen to a station Pete (my husband) created and shared with me. The music on it is all music I like which is great!
  3. Current TV show.
    I got caught up on Outlander yesterday as I had five episodes to watch. I enjoyed getting caught up, but I feel so bad for Roger! Poor, poor, Roger. After that, I binged the newest episodes of Fuller House. I watched Full House when I was younger, so I enjoy the remake... relaunch... whatever you want to call it. Today, I watched the two-hour series finale of Timeless. I enjoyed that show so much! I'm going to miss it. I'm now watching Chicago P.D. on Ion with their marathons. I haven't watched a lot of episodes of this show, but I do enjoy it.
  4. Current film.
    Pete and I watched Avengers: Infinity War on Netflix last night. I was working on some other tasks like balancing our checkbook when he started watching it so... I may have to watch it again myself, but I love me some Marvel movies!
  5. Current website.
    I would have to say MyFitnessPal, right now. Pete and I agreed to start logging our food again beginning on January 1st. We hadn't been and we were both gaining weight which isn't ideal. We're mainly concentrating on logging our calories and making healthier choices. As a blogger I've read for a while said, don't make any changes you're not willing to stick with for the rest of your life... so, that's what we're doing.
  6. Current blog.
    I haven't really been reading blogs as much lately. One I always enjoy reading is Airing My Laundry. I started reading her over a decade ago! It's so crazy. I've "watched" her kids grow up. She's a military wife and is totally honest in the things she writes about.
  7. Current app.
    Going along with the current website, it would be the MFP app. I love that you can scan the barcodes on your food and it pulls it right up. It makes is so much easier to log your food when you can just scan everything!
  8. Current project.
    I am not in the middle of any projects though I really want to get some yarn and crochet hooks. I need something to keep my hands busy sometimes and crocheting looks like fun to me! I put some stuff on my wish list for Christmas, but didn't get anything so I'll have to buy it myself if I want it.
  9. Current relationship.
    The growing one with my son. He's five and a half months old now and is becoming so funny. His dad was home with us for a week and a half over winter break. Pete went back to work yesterday, so it's just my son and me home again on the weekdays. I love this silly baby!
  10. Current outfit.
    I'm wearing dark gray cotton pajama bottoms with a black nursing tank and a wine red cardigan sweater... oh, and light gray house slippers. The style of a SAHM. I know you're jealous. Haha!
  11. Current clothing thoughts.
    Really... just that I need to get my eating in gear so I can fit into my clothes better. I don't wear them often, but when I do, my jeans are slightly tight and my shirts don't fit right anymore. I have a ton of clothes and don't want to have to go buy bigger clothes because I'm eating too much.
  12. Current self-image thoughts.
    I'm actually feeling pretty good about myself regardless of my weight gain. I'm still basking in the glory of my body creating and birthing my son; of my breasts being able to nourish and feed him for his entire life thus far. A woman's body is an amazing thing!
  13. Current guilty pleasure.
    Well, if I had written this yesterday, I would have said Oreo Truffles. I made some for New Year's Eve and my parents are the only ones who came over so we had several left. I ate about five of them yesterday even while logging my calories. They were so worth the calories though! Yum!
  14. Current food.
    I just ate a raspberry mousse yogurt. It was very tasty! The yogurt was my attempt at not eating worse snacks... like a ton of chocolate. I'm trying to make better choices when it comes to the calories going into my body.
  15. Current drink. Water. I've still been drinking chamomile tea (which is what my drink was last month), but right now I'm trying to increase my water intake again. I got back into the habit of drinking sweet tea, lemonade, Sprite, and juice instead of water during the day. The last two days, other than a cup of tea in the morning, I've drank water all day.
  16. Current feelings.I'm excited for the new year. I love each new year as it seems like a clean slate in life. Who doesn't need a clean slate for something? This is also the second year my son has experienced and I'm excited for the milestones coming up (crawling, walking, talking, eating solids, etc).
  17. Current wants.My son to be able to entertain himself for longer than 20 minutes so I have the chance to finish a blog post! Right? I'm supposed to be writing my Thankful Thursday entry, but I'm so late on posting my currents that I'm skipping that for today.
  18. Current needs.
    More sleep! The baby slept almost 12 hours straight the night before last and he napped wonderfully yesterday. However, last night, he was up three times overnight and has barely napped today. He's requiring a lot of attention which means no naps for mommy.
  19. Current annoyance.
    My lips are super chapped. It happens every winter and I'm tired of the cracked, bleeding, dry lips! It's terrible.
  20. Current triumph.
    Sticking to this lifestyle change for two and a half days so far. I'm normally really bad at slipping up since I'm home where all the food is... *fingers crossed* I hope I can stick with it!

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